Power Camp 2018

Registration is a simple, three-step process.

1. Complete the online REGISTRATION FORM (*form below*)

2. Complete the online RELEASE FORM (*form below*)

3. PAY for your Power Camp 2018 experience (*instructions below*)

The cost for Power Camp 2018 is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018.
From May 5-11, 2018 the cost goes up to $30.00.

So don’t wait. Register today!

**As always, if you need help with anything, please contact us via email at jsfbclyons@bellsouth.net**

Registration Form
Power Camp 2018_Complete & Submit
Note: If your child should require medical attention while on an activity with First Baptist Church Lyons, GA (or one of its partners) for injuries received or illness contracted prior to coming, please provide trip coordinators with information necessary to give proper medical service during camp. In case of an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the church/group sponsor representative to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for and order injections, anesthesia, or surgery for myself/my child (ward) as named above. I also hereby give permission for my child to participate in all activities, travel, service projects, and other activities. I, therefore, agree to assume as an explicit condition of my/my child's (ward's) participation, any and all risks, including, but not limited to these enumerated above. I agree to hold harmless the above named sponsor, the sponsoring church or group from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever which may arise due to the participation of myself or my child (ward). I realize, also, that in the event of illness or injury while participating in its activities, medical treatment may be required. I hereby give permission for any such treatment to be rendered, and I agree to bear the cost of such treatment.

Three Ways to Pay for Power Camp 2018!
Cost is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018
Cost is $30.00 from May 5-11, 2018

1. Just click the image above and we’ll send you to the Pushpay site for Lyons FBC.

2. Click “GIVE ONE TIME” Gift Type menu.

3. Then choose “POWER CAMP 2018” in the Fund menu.

4. Cost for Power Camp is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018. $30.00 May 5-11, 2018. Registration closes after May 11, 2018.

5. Please add child’s first and last name to the memo line.

You can also send you payment through the postal service.

Our mailing address is

P.O. Box 627, Lyons GA, 30436

Please make check to First Baptist Church Lyons with Power Camp 2018 and Student’s Name in Memo Line

Cost for Power Camp is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018.Cost for Power Camp is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018. $30.00 May 5-11, 2018. Registration closes after May 11, 2018.

If you would like, you can just bring your check by the church office at…

144 South Washington Street, Lyons, GA 30436

Cost for Power Camp is $25.00 thru May 4, 2018. $30.00 May 5-11, 2018. Registration after May 11, 2018.