From the Pastor

Dear First Baptist Family,

I want to give a special shout-out of thanks to Gail Taylor and the Church Directory Team who did such a great job getting people signed up for and scheduled to have their pictures made for our upcoming Church Pictorial Directory. I also want to thank everyone for your patience with the process of being photographed and deciding which pictures to buy. I look forward to seeing your pictures soon.

I am so excited about the new/potential membership class being held on September 29th from 8:00 am – 12 noon. Of all the things we do to help new people connect with our church family and our Lord, this is at the top. This class addresses salvation in the most basic way. It also addresses encouraging assurances that let you know that you are accepted by Christ and in Christ. Furthermore it provides biblical truth focusing on what is necessary for you to grow in spiritual maturity. Along with these three, you will learn basic truths on living an empowered life made possible by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Finally you will learn how and why our church is organized like it is, how and why we do and support missions and evangelism like we do and how each member can find his/her place of service in this body of believers. If you are a new member who has joined FBC Lyons or a potential member who is considering joining FBC Lyons this is the class for you. Everyone who becomes a member of our church is required to take this class. We will be sending out an email or letter to make sure you are signed up. We look forward to enjoying this time together.

Finally on September 2nd we begin our new Sunday School year. Wouldn’t it be great if every Sunday School class doubled in attendance in this new year. I believe is can happen. Not for the sake of numbers to brag about but for sake of lives being transformed, spiritual growth taking place, and leaders being developed. I believe it is going to happen! All hands and hearts on deck!!!!

Pressing forward as one,

Bro. Dannie

Please welcome the newest additions to Lyons FBC: Norene Thomason, Juanita Quintero, Berry and Carol Crosby, Barbara Jacobs, Alan, Frannie, Harrison and Eliza Strickland.