From the Pastor

Dear First Baptist Family,

Thanksgiving and Christmas are special times of the year for me. It reminds me of how blessed I

am and how important it is for me to be a blessing. Over the past couple of weeks I spent some

amazing time in Liberia, a country which is only a few years away from 14 years of civil war.

Most of our time was spent ministering in a village surrounded by the world’s largest rubber

plantation owned by Firestone Tire Company. The church we served is pastored by our friend

Thomas Yeeson who has shared in our church a couple of times. Not a single member of his

church owns a car, nor do their homes have electricity or running water. That means no

refrigeration, lights, air conditioning, or flushable toilets.

What they do have is grateful hearts for any favor shown them. You should have seen the eyes of

the host of children and adults when we opened our suitcases to expose 35 uninflated soccer balls,

that would be the first new one many of them had ever seen. Grateful, does not seem to be a

sufficient word to describe their faces when they saw them. After we left, the annual meeting

concluded with the churches filling up the soccer balls and competing against one another and

Thomas’ church won the competition. He said it was so much fun for everyone. You see, “little

is much, when God is in it”.

I pray that this Thanksgiving will be a time for us all to consider the many little things we take

for granted and turn toward Heaven and thank the One from whom all blessings truly do come. I

will begin by thanking Him for each and every one of you, who make my life better because you

are a part of it.

I thank God for you all,

Bro. Dannie