From the Pastor

Dear First Baptist Family

Having just returned from the Southern Baptist Convention, I am proud to say that the convention went well. Often times when conflict arises, as it did prior to this convention, there is a tendency to fan the flame with too much conversation without clear information. Social media was buzzing with opinions and judgments that caused some to wonder where our convention was headed. I want you all to know that in my opinion, we the attending messengers, left the convention better than we arrived at the convention. 

It is amazing when people talk kindly to each other, rather that talking unkindly about each other, how much better the outcome can be. 

With that being said, I want to plead with every Christ follower to work at being careful what you put on social media and what you say about others. As Christians we are compelled by our Lord in His word, to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. Social media or most any other place, is a good venue to condemn others and especially if you have not walked in their shoes. God has called us to be ministers of love and peace. Remember, Jesus knew all there was to know about us, and He left heaven, came into this sin cursed world, and died on a cross to build a bridge of peace between us sinners and God. It stands to reason that we should do for others what He has done for us. 

Join me and helping make our world a more peaceful place to live.

Together promoting peace,

Bro. Dannie